Accredited Training Program

The accreditation is globally recognised which means our training providers have met the terms of ISTQB accreditation. The training providers are active and valued partners of the PSTB and are best positioned to instruct participants on the knowledge and application of the ISTQB Syllabi.

PSTB invites you to submit proposals regarding Accredited Training Providers for ISTQB Certification Exam
PSTB has certified Approximately 200 ISTQB® testers in Pakistan. This rapid growth trend demands availability of Accredited Training Provider. Training providers being the crux of the training process are active and valued partners of the PSTB. They are best positioned to train participants in the applicability of the ISTQB Syllabi because of their years long experience in the industry .

ISTQB® Accreditation

Training providers wishing to advertise their courses as being ISTQB® compliant must pass an accreditation process which is designed to ensure that:

  • Training materials conform with the current syllabi
  • Trainers have relevant experience and skills in both software testing and training
  • Organisations have access to facilities adequate for delivering training.

Applying for ISTQB® Accreditation

PSTB welcomes applications for accreditation and provides support in the application process. Training Provider must follow the PSTB’s rules and regulations

The submission form and details of the accreditation process are available here. Application Form for PSTB Training Accreditation